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Financial Investments in London

Welcome to London and the south east financial planning

This site will direct you to the best and most experienced independent financial advisors (IFA’s) in the London  and south east area.

Investments can be a maze at times. Getting the right IFA for you is essential to allow efficient financial planning.

All our IFA’s have over 15 year experience and are fully regulated by the FSA. They have access to a wide range of products in all investment areas. These are Mortgages, Pensions, savings, investments and debt consolidation.


Mortgages are part of a massive market and although there are many online resources to find them, they sometimes work out more expensive with certain fees and get out clauses. A good IFA will find the right one for you. To get a rough idea of how much a mortgage will cost, see this calculator


Pension Planning planning is not sexy however it is essential and the earlier you invest the better as it compounds profits resulting in high growth. There are a number of new rules now surrounding this topic and getting expert advice is essential.


Where to start on this complex topic can be hard to identify. Each person is different and will have contrasting needs based on circumstances. Example questions are what level of risk involved? Do you want little risk for a low return or are you prepared to take a risk for bigger rewards. Savings accounts and cash ISA’s can give fixed profits guaranteed.  There are 10’s of products and hundreds of providers including the government national savings and investments site. Once again, expert advice is probably the smart move with the sheer quantity of information.


These allow you to put your money to work and potentially get a profit in return. There are four main types which are Property, Cash(effectively savings), Shares and bonds

The latter two are specialized and you will need to know what you are doing or have a trusted financial advisor.

You can also go for more riskier investments such as Forex/currencies, CFD’s, commodities. these are much riskier plays and need to be taken as such with much investigation done before attempting to do these. A broker can invest on your behalf but these guys may know not much more than yourself. Caveat emptor.

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